PT ISAM – Greatview expands filling machine supply to respected Indonesian beverage packer with second machine

PT ISAM – Greatview expands filling machine supply to respected Indonesian beverage packer with second machine

Greatview has further expanded the benefits of having a high-quality alternative filling machine supplier to the Indonesian beverage packer PT ISAM, which operates filling lines for one of the country’s leading food and beverage companies, Garudafood. Having already operated a Greatview ABM 125N filling machine since last year, the company decided to install a second machine after achieving excellent operational results.

When originally searching for a filling machine supplier, both PT ISAM and Garudafood set high standards for the quality of the machine itself, the availability of spare parts and highly capable localised technical service. As the initial collaboration successfully met all of these requirements, the two Javanese companies made the decision to install a second Greatview machine at PT ISAM’s filling plant, responding to consistent consumer demand for Garudafood’s popular ‘Clevo’ chocolate milk brand.

Offering an end-to-end packaging and filling solution, Greatview has provided considerable cost savings whilst maintaining high standards in packaging, filling equipment, spare parts and expert on-site technical service, which represented a significant motivational factor to both Garudafood and PT ISAM. For companies such as PT ISAM, which focuses its operations on small- to medium-sized order volumes, Greatview can provide ideal turnkey packaging solutions.

When setting up its first filling line for paper-based aseptic portion packs, PT ISAM could rely on Greatview to provide individually tailored project technical management support at every step of the process. With the installation of a second machine, Greatview has continued to offer this dedicated service, promising to provide on-call technical expertise for the first five years of the new machine’s operation.

By continually providing its customers with a high degree of expert support throughout the installation and operation of its filling machines, Greatview highlights its dedication to the establishment of sustainable, long-term partnerships with beverage producers and packers alike.

Greatview’s continued work with PT ISAM, Garudafood and other partners around the region are reinforcing Greatview’s strong presence in the Indonesian and wider South East Asian market. As a group, Greatview is committed to offering its customers excellent value for world-class packaging solutions.