In Harmony with Society and the Environment

Environmental Protection-Product Life Cycle

Minimising our footprint

Caring for the environment and working towards sustainability has always been a priority at Greatview, and the company has been recognised internationally as a leader in our industry for its forward-thinking approach.

Starting with the product life cycle and extending across all areas of the company’s operations, Greatview has taken specific measures to turn goals into results:


Greatview is an industry leader in terms of responsible sourcing and is a leader in the use of wood fibre from responsible sources. 100% of the cartons produced in Germany are made from fibre sourced from certified, responsible sources. Greatview’s efforts in responsible sourcing have been recognised both by customers and independent bodies in the form of industry awards for its foresightedness.

We encourage and support customers in communicating the benefits of sustainable sourcing to consumers in the form of on-package communication and labelling.


At Greatview, ecological considerations are integrated directly into our production processes and we are committed to adopting the latest available technologies to minimise our impact on the environment. Examples from our factories include waste process heat recovery that reduces energy for heating by 40%, a centralised, automated system for energy management, a rainwater recovery and storage system that reduces water usage by 30% and an integrated recycling facility that prepares waste material for final recycling processes.


Aseptic carton packs are ecologically friendly when properly recycled. Initiatives for recycling beverage carton materials in many regions have led to beverage cartons having an eco-friendly image. Greatview continues to implement recycling projects across all of its sites, including those for post-consumer cartons.

Greatview is a participant in Holy Grail 2.0, the cross-industry initiative in Europe to introduce digital watermarking that will enable automated machine sorting of post-consumer waste. This innovative technology promises to simplify recycling, increase the quality and profitability of recycled products and to extend the availability of carton recycling.