Quality Management

Quality Management

Process and materials

Greatview utilises state-of-the-art material, equipment and processes to produce packaging material that is on-par with the best in the world in terms of specification and manufacturing consistency.

The paperboard, which represents the largest part of the carton by weight, is sourced from the world’s largest board manufacturers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. As a major consumer of wood fibre, Greatview has taken a leading position in responsible sourcing, with the highest proportion of paperboard in the aseptic carton industry made with fibre sourced from responsible sources. All the paperboard in cartons produced in our German plant is FSC™ certified.

Greatview utilises international, world-class suppliers for paperboard, polymers, aluminium foil and inks. The combination of water-based inks, state-of-the art printing processes and high quality coated paperboard delivers industry-leading standards of photo-realistic printing.

In-line inspection and process control systems are extensively used in our manufacturing processes to minimise product variability and to detect defects:

  • CCD camera inspection system continuously inspects the printing result
  • Laser-based inspection system checks 100% of the food contact layer
  • Automatic control system controls the thickness of the polymer layers
  • Automatic gravimetric polymer dosing / blending systems
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)


Finished reels are individually shrink wrapped and loaded onto pallets, which in turn are covered with a protective stretch film. All packaging material is shipped to customers on thermally treated wooden pallets according to the ISPM 15 standard and stacked according to each customer's requirements.


Each reel and pallet carries a unique identification number allowing full traceability of the products with help of MES. The data is stored both electronically and on paper. All packaging material from our German factory is identified with GS1 Logistics System labels.

Independent Certification

All Greatview packaging material facilities are certified according to ISO 9001, and the company has an ongoing commitment to certify its facilities against other relevant certification standards that are needed to meet market demands.

Migration / sensory evaluations are outsourced to internationally accredited independent laboratories.

*Our company certifications are here.